Arousing Appetites dish review

2016-10-22-10-15-31I got my fist Arousing Appetites piece of ceramic bake ware the other day and it’s quite impressive.   My current “expensive” ceramic bake ware (and matching tableware) is all Franciscan, which I inherited from my grandmother, some of those pieces are antique and some are modern – but they are all very high quality, and so I was surprised to find that Arousing Appetites makes ceramics that are every bit as high quality, but not always quite as expensive (And, the pattern is more up to date!).   To be sure, this dish wasn’t a twenty dollar blue light special, but I was amazed how well it performed, and how great it looks.

If you are looking for a decorative casserole dish, check out Arousing Appetites.  They have a store on Amazon but also here.  Peruse their whole selection of kitchen items.

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