Rubik’s cube?

71p0xhuqdvl__sl1500_I have a deal for you, heavily discounted speed cubes!   What’s a speed cube? It’s just like the Rubik’s cubes you remember, but they spin freely with one finger.   They are very loose by design,  which makes it great for solving fast (Or for people who have impaired motor skills, this one would be just the thing because it is so easy to turn).

My oldest kid loves them and has quite a collection going.   He won’t work with anything that isn’t a speed cube now because he’s fallen in love with their ease of use.   It makes it look like he’s a genius with how fast he can manipulate them.

Want to try one for yourself, or need one for a gift for a kid that might be hard to buy for?  This puzzle cube has broad appeal.  Contact the seller directly via email.  Tell them you saw the cube deal on Prudent reviewer and ask for more information or the code.   They will give you a code to purchase the cube at a great discount sale price on Amazon.




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