TEQIN portable dryer

I recently had the opportunity to review a portable clothes dryer from seller TEQIN on Amazon.  The dryer came with two different “arm attachments”.  Rigid clothes hanger-like arms for clothes as seen in my video review and also a set of flexible arms for shoes as seen in the photo below:


The unit is super easy to set up, you only need to attach the arms you want, and plug it in.   That’s it.   For my video review I tested it by drying a shirt that cannot be put in a traditional dryer.   This would be the most common scenario that most people would be using the dryer for in my opinion.   We all have delicate items that can’t go in the dryer and sometimes hang drying them takes too long.

I found that it took two hours to dry my shirt.   Not to shabby and cuts the time down significantly from air drying on a rack.   With shoes I had similar results, much speedier than the way I would normally dry them (which is setting them upside down on our ac/heater vents).

Operation is fairly quiet, you can hear a low fan noise, but is not too much louder than ambient room noise.   There are two settings (hot or cold).   My overall impression is this is easy to use, and can come in handy if you have a lot of dedicates.  However, this also seems handy for travelers.

We vacation frequently and it’s not unusual for us to take a 2 or 3 week trip.   Taking this clothes dryer along could be great for getting our swimsuits dry, or even doing some light laundry from the hotel (or campsite presuming we had an electric hook up).   I also happen to have a Nival portable washing machine, and these two items seem like a match made in heaven.

I can also envision this to come in handy during winter – drying snow caked gloves and hats would be another great use of the portable dryer.

If you would like to check this item out for yourself, you can check out the Amazon listing.

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