The JAVION home projector

There are many projectors with all kinds of confusing jargon and multiple steps to get it from box to watching a movie.  This projector is not one of those.  Within seconds I was projecting from my smartphone using a standard micro USB to HDMI converter (not included).  The controls are easy to understand and clearly marked.  (This is my 5th projector and it ranks among the easiest I have used so far).

The menus are easy to manage (much easier to manage with the remote control, so I advise not losing that) and clearly set up for everyday users to adjust the screen to fit their needs.  We did find a type-o on one of the menu screens but after a laugh we realized if that is the only flaw for the projector it is a great deal. Video was spelled: ‘VDIEO’.

There is an outlet for audio out, but we found we didn’t need it for our small room.  The sound coming out of the projector was good quality.  You could of course add speakers if you want a more powerful sound or are using in a larger area.

The only concern we had was the bottom of the projector got very warm.  I would be mindful of where you placed the projector if you wanted to binge-watch some Netflix series, but it was fine for the one movie that we watched.

We were also able to test the AVI inputs using our DVD.  The picture and quality was just as good using this option.  We were also able to plug in our computer using the VGA jack and once again were pleased with the quality of the picture.

Over this projector is easy to use and a great value.  Find it on Amazon, currently it’s selling for under $160.

I received mine for the purpose of this review.




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