It’s Golden Week

golden-week10/3/16 – I have learned so much about holidays in China working with as many Chinese people and companies as I do.   This week is Golden Week in China, which is not so much celebrating anything in particular, rather it’s a holiday that the government invented in 1999 to give it’s people time to travel to see far away relatives, and expand domestic tourism.  As with the Mid-Autumn Festival, I notice my inbox for review requests has been drastically curtailed.  So in a way it’s a bit of a mini holiday for me as well.

It’s interesting to note in 2006 there were proposals submitted to end the Golden Week celebrations, because it disrupted the 5 week business cycle and it did not have the economic gains with domestic tourism that it originally was designed to have.

It may be that in the future years Golden Week will not be celebrated.   In the US we get traditional holidays off, like Christmas, Easter and Independence day among others, but we don’t get a whole week of vacation days, we get just one and we always hope it falls on a Monday or Friday so we get a longer weekend break.    Having an entire week would be pretty awesome, but it would hinder business.  I can’t see the US ever adopting something like that.


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