$1.99 for a 2 pack of undies



TEERFU Womens Soft Bamboo Underwear – Boyshort styl/e

This deal is only for a limited time,  a 2-pack is only $1.99 (free shipping with prime).  Click here to check it out on Amazon for yourself.

Size details – Fits U.S. sizes small and medium (Asia size tag 3XL)
Sorry, no U.S. Larges or XL available at this time.

BestGot headphones, special sale price

71tuc1mqnrl-_sl1500_10/20/16 – BestGot is offering a 30% discount on their headphones to anyone who use the promo code II2X88X2 at check out.  I bought a pair of these back in February of this year, and we still use them regularly.   They have been a great set of headphones with respect to durability, and comfort.   They have met and exceeded my expectations and I think you will like them too, and now with a 30% discount off the regular price of $17.99 there is no reason not to get a pair!  Check them out on Amazon.

This was the original review that I did back in February:

Want some free Bluetooth headphones?

Overstocked warehouses? New models coming in?  I have no idea, but ZOYO has a whole bunch of free bluetooth headphones to give out and you could be one of the lucky ones.  Want to find out more information?   Contact ZOYO via email, and tell them you saw the post for free headphones on prudentreviewer.com.    I’m not privy to the particulars on this one, so contact them directly to find out more.


LED Balloons from Eyeopener

I’ve never seen anything like this, but it’s an idea that’s past due for sure.  LED Balloons!  It’s also kind of funny if you think about it… LED balloons?  LEAD balloons?  Ok maybe I’m the only one who gets that joke.

Eyeopener is offering a 50% discount on these balloons when purchased on Amazon.   Every kid will love these.    To find out more about the deal, email Eyeopener directly and get your claim code to use on Amazon.   Be sure to let them know you saw this on Prudent Reviewer.