Marketing has taught me I’m in the minority

emoji-653309_1920My “real” job is in internet marketing for a small natural products company.   They have two retail brands and one professional brand.    Primarily right now until we get our professional brand’s website completed, I work with the two retail brands.

I’m continually surprised by things I observe, and it makes me realize I’m not the key demographic for anything.

For instance, emoji.   Those fun little icons to express an emotion that everyone uses all the time on social media and texts?   Yep.  I hate them. 😖 😡 👎 And yet, I am faced with the realization that everyone seems to respond to them favorably.   I am, it seems, not in line with the majority.  So we’ll keep adding them to our mailers and other stuff… and I’ll hate every minute of it.

This is why research and market testing are your friends.   Because if it were up to me we’d all use perfect grammar, have a bountiful vocabulary and never need emoji for anything.

My other job

marketingI do have another job besides reviewing.   I work from home for a large natural products manufacturer and distributor.  I love everything about the job.   My title is Marketing Specialist, but what I do primarily boils down to graphic design, managing social media and professional blogging.  However, my degree is in Human Services and I have a certification in Creative Arts Therapy. Originally when I went to college I wanted to go into graphic design, but I found that while I loved the “art” aspect, I didn’t like the technology aspect.   I felt like all the graphic design programs were too cumbersome to the creative process (this was awhile ago).   And now all these years later, I stumble into a graphic design job.   Of course now the programs I use like Illustrator and Photoshop are much more sophisticated and powerful than they were, and I find them much less daunting and actually enjoyable to use.   I’m self taught on these programs, so there are always new things to learn.

I also do some secret shopping on the side, but have not done it much in recent months because the other two jobs seem to be dominating my time.  For awhile, I was doing several secret shops a day.   Now every few months I’ll pick up one here or there when it fits into the schedule.  But that’s the nice thing about secret shopping, you choose when to work and how frequently you work.

It is interesting how all three of these jobs inter-relate with each other.   Skills I learn and hone in one area transfer over to the next.  The marketing and SEO I have learned transfers to my reviewing life.   My review job hones my writing skills which I need for my marketing job and my secret shopper jobs, and the secret shopping job makes me focus on what good customer relations are, which loosely translates back to the other two jobs.   I’m really blessed to be able to do these things, and I hope that I’ll be able to do it for a long time.



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