Vacation Holds

2016-06-13 16.04.11If you  get a lot of things online (review or otherwise), but also go on vacation frequently – that poses a problem.   Packages can pile up unattended and as we all know package theft is on the rise.  But what can you do?   Everyone already knows about mail service hold (and if you don’t – learn more here), but not everyone knows you can put a hold on UPS and FedEx package delivery.

UPS has a straight forward vacation hold system.   Check it out online here.  To use their system you must first become a “My Choice” member (which is free).  You can login with an email address or a Facebook account.   Once registered, you can use their vacation hold, schedule text alerts, re-route packages and all sorts of useful things.

FedEx also has a vacation hold system called “Delivery Manager”.   Check it out online here.  You can use it not only to hold packages when you are away, but you can also redirect packages to a new address (just like UPS).   So if you were, for instance, going to be visiting your grandmother for an extended period, you could have packages re-directed to your granny’s home while there.   With their Delivery Manager system you can also leave instructions for every day deliveries, for instance “Leave on front porch” or “Put inside garage door”.


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Be nice to the delivery guy (or gal)

Worksman_delivery_trikeAs Christmas is approaching, I thought I might point out something easily overlooked.  Your delivery guy(s) or gal(s).  If you get a lot of stuff online, you will get many visits from your friendly UPS, FedEx and DHL drivers.   So much so, you develop a bit of a friendship of sorts.   You know their schedules by heart, and when someone else drives up in the truck you may even inquire ‘where’s my regular guy?’.  In my case, I communicate my vacation schedules with my UPS guy and he gives me a heads up on his, because I see him every single day.  If I happen to be out and about for a couple days in a row when he delivers, he’ll teasingly chastise me the next day for not being home.

It’s good to develop a friendly relationship with these people because they are carrying a lot of stuff for you.   Be kind and courteous!  And consider getting them a gift this Christmas.   Perhaps a gift card to a local convenience store, or restaurant.   Maybe a tin of homemade cookies… it doesn’t matter so long as you take time to acknowledge their hard work and let them know you appreciate what they do!


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