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Fact-checking and verification at CHOICE

Our qualified fact-checkers and verifiers are dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of the content published on and in CHOICE magazine.

They investigate claims with skepticism. They corroborate information with subject matter experts and work closely with our expert testers, content producers and investigative journalists, who consult with external experts such as scientists, doctors and academics where appropriate. We aim to create unbiased and impartial content, so we are transparent about our sources and use primary sources wherever possible.

Our verifiers check the technical terms, statistics and data in our articles and tests to ensure its accuracy and compliance with our test methods or the appropriate standards. Calculations, scoring and other data are checked thoroughly in consultation with our in-house experts.

Corrections policy

We stand by our content as accurate, and if it's not we'll correct it as soon as we can. We'll be transparent about the size of the error and any changes we've made. We welcome feedback about our work, our sources and the accuracy of our content. If you think we've got something wrong, please let us know.

Meet the verifiers

Jane Bardell

After gaining her science degree, Jane spent the first few years of her career researching children's cancer in Sydney. She then moved to London where she crossed into publishing and edited medical journals. Jane joined CHOICE in 2010 and has been checking facts, figures and statistics ever since. She loves the variety of her job: "Where else could you spend a day researching ice cream, consumer law and car insurance, and chatting which desserts you could cook in a dishwasher?"

Sharon Cauduro

With a science degree, majoring in chemistry, Sharon has spent many years in laboratories as a research and development chemist, in technical sales/services and problem-solving roles, and investigating complaints. She is very familiar with laboratory processes and scientific method and has considerable experience in interpreting test methods and Standards. Sharon has spent the past 17 years at CHOICE verifying large amounts of data and advising on appropriate testing methods, making sure that the results we communicate to consumers are as robust as possible.

Wendy Evans

After gaining a degree in media and science, Wendy went on to study a Masters of Research and is currently plodding her way through a PhD. Before coming to CHOICE Wendy worked as a writer and researcher, developing skills in scientific methods, statistics and data analysis. She is driven by the hunt for truth and creating positive change, and she has experienced great satisfaction working on CHOICE investigations like the Takata airbag scandal and exploding Thermomixes. 

Deanna Jones

Prior to joining CHOICE, Deanna was a scientist with extensive quantitative research experience in science, medicine and engineering. She also taught Academic English and Study Skills at UNSW's Learning Centre. Deanna has a degree in Applied Science (with a major in microbiology) and also two TAFE qualifications in Pathology, and has co-authored many scientific papers. She loves exploring the pros and cons of different sets of competing products, from plastic containers and composting products, to hand sanitisers, white goods and tech gadgets.

Melanie Stopic

With a degree in statistics and a background in market and community research, and being a "dedicated geek", Mel loves large blocks of numbers and detailed figures. She enjoys everything from checking survey data for our consumer insights team or getting into the details of tech products. As a mum of three boys, Mel feels particularly vested in making sure our children's product data is correct and detailed.

Stock images: Getty, unless otherwise stated.