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    Vacuum cleaner reviews, guides & advice

    CHOICE has been reviewing vacuums for over 50 years. Our lab experts rigorously test and compare the latest models to find the best vac for your budget.

    Need help choosing? We've got buying guides and expert tips for all types, including stick, barrel, upright and robot vacuums.

Expert reviews

Barrel, stick or robot?

  • How to buy the right vacuum for you

    Buying a new vac but not sure where to start? Can't choose between a stick, barrel or robot cleaner? And which one is best on carpet and hardwood floors?

    Our helpful guide will make you an expert in no time with vital info on price, pros and cons, key features, hot tips and more.

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Buying guides

First look review

  • Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum

    Dyson's first robot vacuum in Australia is here. So how does it compare to the likes of iRobot and Roborock?

    Our expert testers reviewed an advance model on loan from Dyson to see how it copes with our tough dirt pick-up tests on hard floor and carpet.

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