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  • consumers and data
    Data use

    Consumers and data

    Concerned about your personal data? So are we. That's why we're tackling misuse of consumer data, AI and automated decision-making. 

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  • Sign the petition for stronger privacy protections

    We all want to know our personal information is protected, but Australia's outdated privacy laws are letting businesses get away with using our data in ways that are unfair or even unsafe.

    Will you sign the petition to show the government you support strong privacy laws that reset the balance between people and businesses?

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RentTech investigation


Calling for change

How companies use your data

Protect your personal data

The Consumer Data Team

  • Meet the team uncovering data misuse

    The Consumer Data Team will investigate the ways businesses are using your personal data.

    Consumer data advocate, Kate Bower, and senior campaigner and policy adviser, Rafi Alam, will also push for changes to laws and protection from data misuse.

    They'll help you safely navigate the many ways businesses collect, store and use your data.

    Meet the team

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